About The Museum

Aiming to ever improve the education of our future generations. Hindiyeh Museum of art currently exhibits more than a thousand art pieces from around the world and frequently hosts artistic events, theatrical works and exhibitions.

The Collection of Sami Hindiyeh can be viewed on this website and you can request price of any by adding to cart and following the process.

Art Gallery

Hindiyeh Museum of art is part of a bigger project aiming to celebrate middle eastern art throughout the world. 

Online Gallery

Check our online art gallery and ask us of our pricing by placing the paintings in your cart. Save your progress by creating an account.

Our Vision

Widen participation in our activities, thereby fulfil social objectives, especially by attracting diverse audiences.

Our mission is to upgrade this website with multiple functionalities and enhancing its database of artworks so it can become the first go-to website for art lovers, galleries and artists in the middle-east of its sort.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso